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**I just want to clear things up that, I really don't expect anyone to feel entertained by this, or even want to play it after realizing what it is. I just wanted to put myself back into the mindset and the workflow of developing flash games. If anyone has any ideas for games that they feel would be entertaining and addictive please inbox them to me as well. **

I broke away from flash to focus on photography for the past few years and I had this simple idea that I thought my little knowledge of actionscript 2 could pull off...and I think it worked out fairly well.

Anyway, Lawndale is hosting their 43rd annual eating contest- and you're in it! Instructions are provided before you play although it's almost self explanatory.


very simple

all the game goes to 1 point - remember at what place to click at every food.
so u just play it a couple of times (2 for me was enough) and then u just click at that points as faster as u can...

sorry, its not addicting or interesting. there are many other games to train ur memory... but this fails.

maxhammad responds:

this wasn't really any attempt to train anyones memory, i didn't even expect anyone to find it the least bit entertaining. just readjusting myself to the world of flash games and trying to get back into things. this was just a concept that i thought i could pull off and honestly, a challenge for me.


I mean it's "OK" ill give you this, It's creative,Fun, & very addictive.

Meh, the book was better.

I'm not engaged at all. This game is very repetitive. This is a good start, (If this is one of your first games at least) But come on, who wants to play a game where all you do is repeatedly click on an object. 4 Stars. My final testimony: Needs either a redux, or a blam. But then again, it has a pretty nice graphic res. not HD or anything, but its ok. Just try to make a less repetitive game next time Kay?

maxhammad responds:

for sure bro, in the future i definitely want to be making games that really do entertain and engage people. in all honesty if i didn't make this game i would probably hit the back button of my browser before getting to the highscores.

Good little minigame

I liked the music, the art was ok, and the sounds... well it sounded like food-eating-noises. i have one suggestion, maybe add some other players to really make it a competition?

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2.98 / 5.00

Nov 21, 2011
9:07 PM EST
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