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Cupcake Dreams

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In this silly (though difficult/frustrating), fast-paced platform game, you must to avoid Baked Bads while collecting Cupcakes. There is no real ending to this game, it just keeps going and going and going... (well actually it ends after level 50)

Arrow Keys: Move
Up: Jump
Space to advance through menus

Music is Pinkie's Lie Instrumental by WoodenToaster

This game is designed to run at 60 frames per second. Make sure your computer can handle that for the best playing experience.

Version 0.99
-Final release, unless some major bug is found
Version 0.97
-Added ???
Version 0.96
-Changed position of Baked Bad spawn points slightly, now they shouldn't spawn directly over you as frequently
Version 0.95
-Adjusted the level layout very slightly, to make certain falls less frustrating (ie, falling all the way from the top to the bottom of the level)
-Decreased file size a bit
Version 0.94
-Added ability to mute the game with M key, and decreased volume of music.
Version 0.93
-Apple Bloom fixed, Timer reaching 0 behavior changed (baked bad storm)

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she dreams about eating her friends flesh and storing her friends organs with cupcakes

me like

Remenber ponies, the more you dream cupcake, the more the dream will be longer!
And spotting elements from Rayman's candy level and PalmTree from Sonic!

I wonder why the CMC are here,are they just for aesthetic or praticing on location program?

Dang it AppleJack,if you weren't tired enought,you shouldn't made Baked Bad that invade Pinkie's dream.

The Techno music really fit to the game.


In the second try: Round 5, Score 17000 points.

pinkie pie = cannibal also great sinple platformer

OMG ur right snakestone x3