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Defend your base at all costs! Save up money by mowing down enemy soldiers to buy bigger and better guns! Make sure you save up for the tank levels. By then, your pistol will be almost useless. Take advantage of other weapons while you reload your more powerful guns. Good luck, and happy shooting!

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i agree with qsef but wtf a lone soldier againt the whole german military thats gotta be something so 4.5 stars

xsychosis, did you read the tutorial? the troops hit the dirt when they get scared, and then you have to put your cursor directly over them to hit them.

this is a badass game, althougth, A: you could have done a little more researching into the weaponry (a BAR with 100 rounds DAFUQ?) and B: this is really unrealistic. i mean, one soldier holding off an entire ARMY. it doesnt matter if he has a heavy machine gun, a mortar, a bazooka, a semi-auto sniper rifle, AND they all magically (perhaps fairy dust?) reload themselves, there is no way that one guy can not get shot by some lucky german. However, i do like that you dont have to repair the base. if you did this game would be f*cking impossible.

Great ending. Good weapons. Sky clad bro sky clad

i only had 4% health at the end and some tigers slipped through the plane barrage and brought me down to 1%
dont ask me how i survived

great game a little Challenging but fun