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Flying Barry...

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Author Comments


Thanks to SirUndead and Bosa for their cooperation.

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I thought it was decent, pretty funny, but the character tends to spaz out a bit.
I realize this game is old - but it's still enjoyable.

Good effort

Great game anyways, has a good atmosphere and all the stuff to go with it. Probably the only thing that bugs me is unlike most other flying games, instead of sticking to where you go, you gravitate back to the center. Kind of makes it more interesting anyways and makes it a bit harder to complete the game too.

The graphics here are incredible and very nice!! The game gives a feel of possibly sleeping as you are high in the clouds and simply trying to survive, I noticed almost anything except spinach was good for you to eat. I think another cool thing that could have been done is if you get another box while in a box it should be able to do endure more than one can of spinach at a time.

The audio here was pleasant and the music was nice to listen to. The wind that blows after being defeated by spinach is really nice and gives a feel of being outside high in the clouds. The laugh upon losing is really nice too I think, gives a feel of someone watch you try to fly the whole time.

Overall, good game, physics are different making it more interesting to play.

Review Request Club

I am the fucking bomb, apparently

Not bad, but a few issues that need resolving, before I'll call it great.

I like the quirkiness to this game, with the idea that you're effectively trying to recreate Elvis in a porcine form, which of course has its own hilarious offshoots. The music is fun, as are the sound effects, though with how long it took me to get into the game, means that either I suck or the game does a little. I'm willing to go so far as to say both, because I'm not the greatest gamer out there.

1) The controls - why does the pig bounce? I can understand that being a hefty porker, it would slowly come back down towards earth, when you direct it upward. However, if you direct it down to the bottom of the screen, it will bounce off the cloud cover and fly back upwards (usually into some spinach, but that's just my luck). I was wondering if the physics programming had gone a little awry.

2) I think it would benefit from levels or days to get from being a basic pig to being worthy of being a joint of the best pork product that money can buy, just by being cool. Perhaps you can buy upgrades, like the Elvis wig and various other accessories / improved controls, such as are features of similar themed games on the market.

3) In your plot, I'm not sure that you explain why or how Barry can fly. Just a little issue that I have here and I'd like to see it addressed, for clarification, if I'm honest.

Certainly a game worthy of losing an afternoon on, I'll be honest.

[Review Request Club]

ArtyomL responds:

Thanks Coop,
Yes, an upgrade system is indeed a great way to make a game addictive, but I didn't want to implement it here. Maybe next time...
As for the fact that Barry is flying, I didn't explain much because I wanted to keep the obscure feel of the game. I wanted the player to kind of not understand what is happening, but just take it as if it had to be that way. Like in a dream. Or a tripout.
Anyway, people seem to hate the controls, I'll keep it in mind.

I like it.

The preloader was actually pretty funny and I enjoyed reading it, but the game finished loading while I was about halfway through reading it.

I liked the tutorial since it wasn't too long and had some humor as well. While I agree with Haggard about possibly putting the tutorial in an extra menu, it was easy to click through, so I didn't really mind.

The graphics are really nice and really help boost the score I'm giving this game. I think that they're really easy on the eyes while presenting a style you might expect from a decent flash game. I enjoyed the music too.

The basic story youhave here is weird, yet cute and I can see Barry as a representative of alot of the NG population. ;)

The one thing that bugs me is, as I'm sure you can guess, the controls. While they weren't bad, I often foung myself forced into the spinach, which was kind of annoying. I did eventually get through it though (exactly 3 minutes).

Overall, good job and I'm looking forward to your "Big project"

<Review Request Club>

interesting :p

I really actually enjoyed the Graphics/ Sounds in this game, and the functionally seems to be really smooth :). I also really liked how "different" the look of this game was, while still having that "Nyan-Cat" feel; Kinda seemed like a Nega-Nyan cat even...

Things I would have done differently;
- The main menu was too much. The text did keep me busy, but there was sooo much of it that I got maybe halfway through before the preloader finished (at which point I was like "fuck it", and moved on)
- It really does more damage than good to put things like "this probably sucks anyway" in your submissions (have a little confidence in what your producing man!)

Overall not bad, but some majorly important things could have use a little more attention.


-Review Request Club-

Credits & Info

3.86 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2011
8:36 AM EST