The Alone Sword

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40,000 years from now, aliens we can scarce imagine
will descend on earth.

Finding only the ruins of humanity,
they will use retro-psychosomnal recall
to piece together a record of our dreams.

In staying to their religious custom
these invaders build a monument to a shared dream--
something they found that they did not understand.

This is the story of that monument.

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Great game it's fun and addictive but how can you have fire if everything is under water

PsySal responds:

I'm glad you noticed this. =) It's a joke.

Nice font!

I see what you did there, giving the nod to the original Legend of Zelda with the map and shops and way enemies blink into existence. And yet it was original. I love the story, too.

Well done. I'll be investing a lot of time into playing this :)

PsySal responds:

Thanks! Glad you enjoy it, there are lots of Zelda references, in particular to the original LoZ. I put some more crypto-spoilers here:


Good Quality

Good game you have here. Very reminiscent of Legend of Zelda, and I think that was intended. I loved the normal atmospheric lack of music, but when the music did pop up, I loved it too. The bosses were programmed very well and gave a good challenge with out being too frustrating. There's really only two things that irked me in this game. 1st, I realize that the whole game takes place underwater, but it would have been nice if the controls were a little bit tighter. I often found myself failing to escape a fireball because I got stuck on a wall. 2nd and certainly much less of a problem, the sword controls were a little bit meh. It sometimes made it difficult to actually hit the enemy you're trying to hit, especially with the slippery controls. Honest this problem is instantly fixed if the first one is fixed.

All-in-all it was a nice fun little adventure. I give it 9 stars out of 10.

PsySal responds:

You are probably right about the controls, it was a new kind of mechanic so a bit experimental in that regard. The walls can be any sort of shape, due to the hand-drawn screens (vs. tiled-- they were tons more work than if they had been tiled) but a side-effect is that the walls have to be a little bit "bouncy". So this has the unintended effect of making the walls a bit more hazardous than they would otherwise be!

Glad you liked it!

Most engrossing game I've played in a while

The story seemed to lead to nowhere, like it had no purpose at all. That's what made it so intriguing. The whole time I played, it was as if there was something I was searching for, something spectacular and earth shattering. Even after I got the 255 rupee key, defeated all the bosses and stepped into the great tree, I still felt like I was lost and that nothing was clarified or given purpose.

Tell me, is there any purpose for the 255 rupee key? I'd like to know.

PsySal responds:

The story is meant to be a bit enigmatic, so I'm glad that came across. There is no purpose for the extra key, except to allow you to grab an extra heart if the bosses are giving you a hard time.

GREAT game!

Excellent playability, great storyline, and familiar map-style. Much love!

PsySal responds:

Thanks! The positive feedback really means a lot!

Credits & Info

4.19 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2011
10:38 PM EST
Adventure - RPG