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Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight

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Nov 14, 2011 | 11:38 AM EST

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Author Comments

It's not like there's a plot, you know. Just shoot the invaders as they come!

There are 4294967296 levels, since Flash doesn't know more numbers. Everything is procedurally generated, from enemy graphics (rather uncountable number of those) through their formations (at least several thousands of unique formations) up to the powerups (there are 32 of these).

And it's all packed in 50 kilobytes (It would fit on a Commodore 64)

This game requires hardware accelerated Flash Player 11 graphics!


Q. The game runs soooo slow...
A. You lack hardware acceleration see next question

Q. I see "No hardware acceleration" warning
A. The game uses latest Stage3D feature (hardware accelerated 3D graphics in flash). But as it's moderately new, there are still issues. Here are some things you can do:

1. Update drivers (seriously) drivers get fixes for flash player all the time, keep up!
2. Refresh cache ( hit Ctrl-F5 few times), there is a special HTML parameter needed, and you may not receive it, since old version of embed code is being cached on your hard drive.
3. Check if your hardware is supported:
(note this line: " [unsupported] Any Intel GMA driver before X.X.10.2021" )
4. Right click the game, choose settings, and tick the 'Enable hw acceleration' box. If this game lags too much, do this on other flash game and refresh this tab.
5. Google up to get compatible! There are more Stage3D games coming!

Q. The game doesn't run at all
A. You need to update Flash Player to version 11 (even if you don't want to play this), furtherly see point 2. above.

Q. Why do you make space invaders that have higher requirements than Skyrim?
A. Fun! I love making games! I did this overnight actually for Mini LD competition
I didn't see the incompatibility issues coming. I guess it's a good incentive for everyone to get FP11 3D stuff up and running. There is a ton of Stage3D awesomeness out there, and more is coming!



Rated 3 / 5 stars

A little fun.

Ludumdare? I remember Notch being in the couple of tournaments in that. Or perhaps I'm thinking about something else with a similar name.

Whatever, back to the game... pretty much fun for a little while. The upgrades only make your laser bigger as you complete level after level. The graphics are retro-looking. This is very interesting though; 50kb, more than 100k levels. Repetitive, still.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

...That's it?

Nothing even vaguely interesting about the gameplay, boring weapon upgrades, and overall lazy design (seriously, there's no reason not to fire all the time yet you have an actual fire button?!) make me highly confused as to why this is even rated as highly as it is.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Not done

I have been sitting as far left as possible, slightly off the screen, since the first phase and im still alive at phase 30. This is a decent prototype but far from finished!

Sosker responds:

I think you forgot to play it


Rated 5 / 5 stars

hw acceleration DOESNT work on linux

my graphics card is GT520
it works fine on glxgears test (2274.902 FPS)

on flash player 11,i have the 'Enable hw acceleration' box checked
both hw accelerated rendering and decoding works on youtube
but it just doesnt work on this games!

it's adobe flash player 11 and it's reinstalled,reconfigured,
also tried google's flash player 11, doesnt work :(

Hey, does the Super Drift 3D use Stage3D? weird! it works like a charm! m/portal/view/576273

details from chrome://flash on pastebin m/kGgXUmud

Sosker responds:

Super Drift 3D is not hardware 3D. Also, there's nothing i can make of this info, nag Adobe!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

There is a maneuvering bug.

I can't seem to move forward and to the left.