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2 Guys & a Jigsaw Puzzle

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This is a story about two guys and a jigsaw puzzle and nothing more.
No, seriously.


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Ha ha ha, you hit the nail on the head with this! This is EXACTLY what they do, they don't care about finding out answers because they presume they've already got them, and that's not good enough, because they've got to stifle anyone else from finding the answers too. And if reality contradicts their fantasy world, if the evidence mounts up and is incontrovertible, they'll still ignore reality. They assume they have all the answers and that everyone else is ignorant and stupid for not being as smart as they are for seeing it. And that they should be thrown into a lake of fire forever for not seeing it too. But that doesn't make it a hate group, oh no. It's not even a religion, it's just a personal relationship with Jesus. The other day some chubby girls with a glazed Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man look in their eyes came to my door and give me a pamphlets with a drawing of a lion with 6 wings on the cover, and inside it said that the bible is the most reliable source of information in existence about both the past and the future and is never wrong about anything and all science is Christian science and that Jesus is the answer to all questions. I can only imagine their kids in a test in school. "What is the capital of France?" "Jesus." "What's 3+4?" "Jesus." "Who was the founding father of the religion of Islam?" "Jesus." Their true humility comes out when they tell you that they were one day where you are now and one day you'll come around. Which deserves one of two responses. "Oh, care to give me an ETA on that? I'd like to mark my calendar. Can you tell me what day I'll START believing in Santa Claus while you're at it? I thought it worked the other way around, I thought kids grew up and stopped believing in that sort of thing, but clearly it works the other way around and grown adults START believing in it according to you." Or "No, you've never been where I am now, or else you'd never be where you are now, I was at a higher level than you'll ever be when I was 10 years old, my left pinkie finger has forgotten more knowledge about the universe than your brain is capable of comprehending."

To be fair though, why is "the theory of everything" a tiny little puzzle pieces with definite boundaries? That is the thing that should have no boundaries. Human knowledge is certainly not boundless, just possible knowledge, and certainly a "theory of everything" would be boundless, not a tiny little puzzle piece that fits into others. Physicists like to talk about a unification of quantum mechanics and general relativity and claim it would be a theory of everything. But in fact it wouldn't be a theory of much of anything at all. It wouldn't help you predict the stock market or factor large numbers for instance. So it's not a theory of everything IS IT. Pretty arrogant of them to call it that too, actually. That's why I'm only giving it 4.5 stars. You should have called that piece something else I think.

Whatever could you all be talking about with this "Controversial" nonsense? I haven't the foggiest idea why this animation would cause any sort of Controversy. This is simply the story of two guys and a Jigsaw Puzzle. There are no Metaphors or Hidden Meanings, it's just a guy who makes a Jigsaw Puzzle about all human knowledge and another guy who tries in vain to make a cross-shaped object fit into the center and fails completely, ruining and messing up all the Human Knowledge that the other guy tried so painstakingly hard to fit together.

In WHAT WAY is this a figurative message about something else?

TmsT responds:

Some people just love to bring their own agenda into whatever they see. Alas.

Controversial as christ and nicely animated too.

11/9, because that's the right order

lol, religion doesn't fit into human knowledge xD. Nice delivered my friends.

Controversial, but message or not, it's interesting how Christendom can toss aside the most important things in life that can ensure the global prosperity of humanity.

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Nov 8, 2011
11:19 AM EST
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