MLP: Rarity bath time

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Just a small loop of Rarity hanging out in a bath after a long day of making dresses. Made it as a small test from things I learned while making my first flash.


Soo Calming And Great Flash, The Music Really Mellows Everything.
Give Bmg!

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I feel like this may be the spa ponies' resort/lodge somewhere high atop the Ponyville mountains, also very calming music. :3

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I know it's not really the point, but where is she? Her house is not that high up.

Goofiness aside, it's pretty good. A few things though: Rarity just holding her drink and staring at it gets odd after a while. Maybe have her set it down, then pick it up every once in a while and take a sip. AJ exiting and reentering the farm is pretty obvious when she appears from behind an invisible line out of nowhere - I'd say either have her enter another building or shrink to a point as she goes over the hill. And maybe have a few more background things a bit more spaced out.

Overall, try to make it more "natural"-looking. I mean, I know it's just a loop, and that it's just for practice, but it's still its own Flash - make it the best it can be! Not that I'm saying you *should* focus on reworking this. If you've got other things to move on to, just be sure to take the advice you got from this one on with you.

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i just watched this really funny movie,and then this, and it totally calmed me.

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Nope, no peeping Spike. :3

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Nov 1, 2011
4:38 PM EDT