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Villainy - The Tape

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**THIS IS NOT EPISODE 2! THIS IS A NON-CANON SHORT. There's gonna be a bunch of these to tide you over between full episodes.**

Happy Halloween from Jeff and I! Given that Halloween is the night of darkness and evil (...er something) I threw this together real quick (read: I wanted to kill myself it was so much work) for all of you to enjoy!

This features Chronomonator as his secret identity, Jacob Snow... in case you're wondering where his bright blue spandex went to.

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loved it

Nice parody on Ring and similar movies. The joke would be ruined trough if the ghost simply bought it on USB drive.

I loved it. The very ending was my favorite part. No criticisms here, it's just a great short.

Funny as hell..had to watch it a few more times....and i kinda wanna see what is on it now. XD

The ending was what killed it for me. Right joke at the right time that's how you do it. As usual I cant wait for more