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Happy halloween, here's a 13 minute random clipshow for ya.
Mostly Slasher themed, but also some IMP and Cool ape stuff in it. Yay.

Sketches should speak for themselves.
Also, press 1-9 to skip to scenes.

Thanks for voices to Molly, Hhog, Luke, Henrik, Sassi, Chaoticangel09, Shadow dinosaur, Shaymus, Johhny skeetos, Rugal and meeee.

Also, sadly I wasn't joking. There really IS a Brain trainer coming from the 3ds. GHAH. Like that floating head guy isn't scary enough in 2d.

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When you got scared of the Brain TrainAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! I'M SCARED! DX

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5 out of 5!

Because you're worth it!


Same old animation as always, but great jokes. At least from my side.
The 'How all slashers should end' was incredible. Couldn't stop laughing, because its all true, I mean, why plague a bunch of harmless teenagers with a superhuman non-motivated beast? I think its because of that 'can kill you but you cant do anything about it' factor, but that gets boring. Plus the ring one was awesome too, classic Scooby-doo chase, and great ending, even though I didn't get the last one. I agree, people are unimaginative when coming up with kills..... but I think the graphics really does take away from this animation. At least the lip-syncing. Kudos anyway.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Righto, thank you for your comments.

The last joke is kind of an injoke, so don't worry about it.

8 stars.

i actually only liked about 4 of them. but those where really good so i will give you 8 stars. nice animation.