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A good old bust up your controller game. Try to manage all 6 events well enough to unlock some more stuff. Being dead was never so much fun!

Left and right arrow keys - INCREASE SPEED
Down arrow key - BRAKE
Up arrow key - JOUST
1,2,3,4,5 - ACTIVATE ITEM

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Its Very Fun To Play

Starting things off I would like for you to know that this was a very fun and funny game to me. I really had a great time trying it out, and playing it again for leisure.
I enjoyed the type of game it is and the game play it offers.

Now for the review-

In a summary the game was really great , everything was perfectly done except for one little detail, for my opinion at least is it lacks a bit more visuals on the menus. It's something you can change right away really and I think it would make a big difference. Menus only though, visuals of the game play were amazing and very unique quite frankly. I really got a laugh and a nice little suspense feeling in some mini games. I honestly would buy this game on my phone or something.
(If you are planning on adding it, I strongly suggest you fix the menus and ugly flashing texts)

The fact that you can unlock other things such as single event mode allows for unlimited game play cause you can modify the events. Very well done.


There's potential for a very fun game in here, but it's held back by a few design flaws. The cutting back and forth between the player controlled characters and opponents was obviously intended to give an idea of the opponent's progress and also raise the sense of tension, which is the effect a similar cut would have in a movie. However, it doesn't work in this type of game at all. We have no concept of where they are on the map or how far it is, or if we are still controlling our characters while looking at the others. I'm sure these become more clear on multiple play throughs, but by creating this kind of frustration on the initial run isn't very good for inciting people to play again.

NEDER-IT responds:

Gee, thanks.

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4.36 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2011
4:56 AM EDT
Skill - Other