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Vector arrow heads so you know the direction your gravitoids will travel!

Vector scaling fixed.

This is my first game. It is one part retro Pong-like, and one part particle physics. See if you can get all ranks and trophies!

When placing the gravitoids, you can hold the mouse button down and drag around the screen to give the gravitoid an initial speed and direction.

After you launch the gravitoids, you can click the screen to use a gravbomb to repel them and keep them from colliding.

The audio was created using a TIA (ATARI 2600 chip) VST called Chipsounds.

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Really fun and addictive!

Simple concept, but loved the execution! It was fun getting all the ranks and trophies and I don't think I could fault this game for anything really. Simple and old school and I love it.

I made a Swastika

and ended up winning the nobel prize! Well, I couldn't get any further than that. I wonder what 9 and 10 are? aliens or something? well, whatever. I played this for 45 minutes and it kept me very entertained, so good job!

Weird but fun

Who'd have thought you could count this as a game, but it's weirdly engrossing. I guess it reminds me of when I used to play with running water or dropping toy cars and stuff as a kid, "what happens if I do this" kinda stuff, but with gravitational particle thingies. Fun stuff.

Interesting concept!

The idea is quite simple but the tradeoff of getting more points through velocity but risking collision in the same time makes the choice of the initial gravitoid placement far from trivial. It's quite addictive to try out different settings, although after making a decent initial setting, in the end the most important things in reaching good scores seem to be sheer luck and using the bombs (including the fourth one) wisely.

The trophies are quite hard to get. I only got the wall color one.


Great game! It was fun and I wanted to play it more, but instead I took a break to review it.

I thought this game was clever, but I think it needs some more options and collectables to make it just a bit more entertaining.

Credits & Info

4.20 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2011
2:22 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid