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ORB (Space Shooter)

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(Note: Changes have been made; everything should be shootable. Thanks for the comments!)

Welcome to "O.R.B"

This game was created by myself and my co-designer/programmer, Nick. This is our first push into making Flash games and was a part of a 12 hour challenge. We literally spent 12 hours creating the entire game.

It may be simplistic in nature, however, we not only completed the challenge and successfully created a playable game, but completed the whole thing in such a short amount of time.

Comments are definitely welcome.

Shoot - A
Move - Left / Right Arrow Keys

Blue Orbs - Points
Green Orbs - refill 1 Life Bar
Bombs - Take away 1 Life Bar if hits Ship OR Rail

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nice game, needs power ups and levels

Its really good. There's definitely a potential of this being an awesome game,but this one is quite dull. Graphics are already excellent,so perhaps you could put more enemies,add some upgrades,add a little more pace and challenge into the sequel.


very good for a first attempt though I highly recomend changing the name due to the fact there arleadt is an O.R.B out there standing for off-world resource base and it is a game owned by a major company and this may be standing for a lawsuite, so yea, just a recomendation. :) (i know about the game because i own a copy of it)

kelwynshade responds:

Thanks for checking it out. As for the previously released ORB game, good looking out. We'll stay with what we have and if an issue ever arrives, we'll just call it something else or just remove the "."'s and call it ORB. Thanks for checking out the game.


A little dull, but a good first try. Just need to innovate, and you'l be all good.

kelwynshade responds:

Thanks for checking it out!


If this weren't a computer game, I'd attach it to a horse. If you know why that's a relevant statement, good job, I don't care.

Enemies commonly spawn outside of my range of fire, on the sides of the screens.

Blue enemies do not damage player at all.
green orbs are okay
missiles damage regardless of impact.
When three missiles spawn on the far edge, and no green orbs appear, Chuck Norris kills a kitten and nails it to your bedpost.

kelwynshade responds: