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Brilliant Crystals

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Brilliant Crystals brings you color-match gameplay awesomized Ninja Kiwi style - with a heap of powerups and deep tactical play. The Brilliant Crystals have been drained of their power and it is up to you to find and restore them. Make matches, fill your potions, and unleash 20 different power-ups on puzzle enemies who have a few tricks of their own.

Enjoy our new game!

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Frustrating, aggravating, and altogether not very fun.

As Dr. Salvadork said below me, it gets incredibly repetitious very quickly, however the main two beefs that I have with the game could be very easily fixed.

1) choose a different color palette. Half the time I couldn't even tell what color I was firing, and as such is far more frustrating than fun. Two blues? Come on!
2) Don't let the crystals move while you're shooting. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to throw something at my monitor because I was about to make the finishing shot, only to have an entire wall of crystals push themselves in front of the white gem... AGAIN... thus missing the shot and then have to spend another minute or so slowly chipping away at it. That isn't fun gameplay, that's just frustrating.

Another smaller beef is the lack of musical variety. This would have lowered the repetitiveness as well as kept interest a little better.

Could be much better

The idea is decent, but it gets repetitive so fast...
Every level is basically the exact same thing, repeated. The different power ups don't really make any difference when it comes to game play. You just keep breaking gems until a white gem pops out, then you destroy that.
What's the deal with the compass arrows? They show in random directions, and if you clear the areas they show, nothing happens. The white gem appears in the same position anyway.
The visuals are nice, but somehow dreamlike, and that combined with the music is making me sleepy... Being relaxing isn't a bad thing though, if only the gameplay was more compelling.
It would have been nicer if there was some change between levels. Now it's only worth playing a level or two before getting bored.


10/10 5/5 The game it's awesome

Great game!

Warnockworld will never cease to amaze me with how good its games are. It's just so awesome to see all of these bright colors so well. Everything about this is just adorable, particularly the noises you make when you break the crystals. I also like it how you can get three crystals into that one white thing to beat the level. I thought maybe it was a clicking game at first. It's great to look around and see the large world you have created.

It makes me wonder where all these crystals are coming from. It's weird how there's an infinite supply of these going around from all parts. It's also sweet how I get a ton of combos and flashy stuff without even trying to! I know you guys will never stop making great games like this. Not sure why an owl was the protagonist, though.