The Life of Gregory Brown

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My submission for the Newgrounds Halloween contest 2011,

The story of a man who looks like an innocent normal looking guy, but has a dark secret that no one knows about except for his "family"...

I guess I was inspired by the Silence of the Lambs, which i just finished reading when starting on this movie and Hitchcock's Psycho.


Made using Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop.


reminds me...

of the guy from courage the cowardly dog who always said naaaaaaughtyyyyyyy. Anyone agree?

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Basset-Hound responds:

agreed :)


I think it could use a shocker at the end. Something like Gregory with a wicked smile and a loud scream.

Basset-Hound responds:

But that is what everybody expects to happen, the silence is the impact.

fuck you RobinD8!

you tooke the words right out of my mouth and made what i was going to say alot longer XD

naw im kidding anywho (in my own words) great flash!

Very nice creeper feel.

At first it was silly, but once you find out about his family of corpses, it takes on a whole new atmosphere. The effect with the audio panning at the end was a very nice touch to make you jump, but I feel it could have been much more shocking if it were more abrupt, like saving the panning for the last few words, and make it even more unexpected. The voice acting could use some work, although the creepy voice worked very well, there were moments when I didn't feel the voice connecting with the character, and the fact that his mouth never moves adds to that. In scenes when it's obvious he's talking directly to the viewer his mouth should be moving. Other than that, very good work. You got me to jump a little. :D

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that was SOO creepy. its not "omg i cant sleep now" creepy. its like.... "wtf!?" creepy.

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Oct 17, 2011
10:03 AM EDT