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Use the mouse to mow down an army of soldiers with a machine gun before they reach your turret. You can use S to mute the sound, Q to change quality, and P to pause. Alternatively right click for options.

Enjoy! :D

Art by Chaz (www.flashchaz.com) and programming by Ryan (www.ryanpridgeon.net). Visit Bubblebox.com for more games!

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it was alright but the sound and graphics are BADASS i love the recoil effect but its a little too much recoil and make it easier to get money i went to wave 6 with only 1400 cash without getting hit once and add more enemy types also and this game would be perfecto in my favor *Brofist*

awesome game

music and sound choice is great, the action is feelin real
choose one weirdness (could be character, world or action)
you could use weird character for enemy, like zerg in starcraft

Really cool game, but u could spice it up a little

graphics and sound are awesome. I love the recoil effect,,it adds more realism to the shooting....but at the same time you could have made the enemies a little more interesting. But overall a really nice game.I enjoyed it

Okay, but not so good

Make it more worth Playing. Your Graphics and Engine is great, but the system is bad. make faster income or cheaper Upgrades. Build in a Repairbutton make more different enemies, perhaps build in a little story... not even the best but many Players like a game more if there is just some kind of Story. So far... good work, but i know you can do better. Keep it up ;)


Upgrades too sparse. Enemy variety kinda pointless. Not enough interaction with the simple point and shoot interface.