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games vs. internet

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Author Comments

this is a really short flash i made specifically to to try out my new mic. i would like if you guys could give me feed back on the voice and the audio. besides the oviously low volume, tell me what i could improve on :D


this animation was based on a rage comic i read :3

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Ahaha, now that's how Facebooking should be done! :) Simple pun, but still genius. The voice acting could've been a bit more balanced though, at the start it's really low but towards the end it's almost too sharp. Keep it going!


I think the last part blew up my head. Sorry, volume levels aren't constant, and I nearly got a heart attack.

guitan11 responds:

yeah. i really had problems with volume and clarity. had no idea how to use the mic. thanks though, comments like this one really helped me out :D


Concept: make a flash to test the mic. (Quality kinda sucks)

Aesthetic: not that impressive just a bunch of black and white with little standing out. Of course what hurts this flash the most is the poor sound quality. Volume levels are unstable and chracters are only clear when they started throwing stuff at each other.

Animation: Not much but it was smooth no glitches present.

Comedy: Punchline made this flash. I also find it slightly humorous how the characters glow when they get hit.

Overall: An okay flash but sound quality needs work. Hope youcan get the bugs worked out in time for your later installments.


guitan11 responds:

thanks for the review. honestly this was a quick thing that i made in like an hour. i now fixed my recording process and now everything sounds smother :3 or at least i think it does :P

like always, awesome reviews. just you wait when im done with "Stickman Can't Fight 5" you will write the longest review of your life >:D


fff ff fff f fff ff FACE BOOK!!!!!!
LOL, i love

Tricked me there

I thought this would be some crappy 30 second flash since you stated you were only testing the mic. Gotta admit, I laughed hard at the punchline, you get a ten