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Legends of Kong

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An action platformer RPG from Nerdook! Lead your party across a randomly generated city, and play the way you want! You can be violent, stealthy, or anything in between. With 96 upgrades, 36 weapons, and a variety of characters, can you save the city from a mysterious villain?

WSAD/arrow keys to move, Spacebar/X to fire, Q to change weapons. You can press Escape for the Pause Menu.

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It sounds like a good game if it loads

Very epic Action - Platformer with cool RPG elements in it! I really liked the looks of the people that you could rescue and their uniqueness. Some weapons, like the Mini Gun and the Flamethrower were very sick too! It was generally really fun to play and combine all thre different upgrades and use different characters in different situations. I also liked how you could either be a mercyless murder who kills everything that moves or a very sneaky pacifist, that was a great touch as well. The level randomization was surprisingly good, I didn't really come across anything weird or too messy.

My only complainents would be that it gets VERY boring and repetitive if you are griding money in order to buy all the upgrades, you even start to notice how repetetive the level design is and that makes it throughout even less interesting. The bosses could probably also have been worked on. They were cool and all and especially in the beginning, when you were quite weak, you could just pray that you could hide from them if you came across them, but later on, you just totally beat the shit out of them. Well... yeah... xD

Anyways, great game! Played it a couple of years ago and then I remembered about it and decided to replay it. I'll make sure to check your other games out too :P

This should be renamed to "Legends of Grounds"

Overgrind mode, as implemented, seems pretty pointless. Either it should be available sooner, or it should be boosted in difficulty to the point where it's actually challenging even after completing the rest of the game.

Nice game. And nice music.

However.. that intro music sounds a little bit familiar.
Actually, quite familiar.
Because I created it.

No credit? No attribution? Incredible.
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/383117

nerdook responds:

Credited. Attributed. Resolved matters with MrMusicalLion. ;)