Death Of Clown Toggaf

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originaly this flash was made for tomfulps "animate a clown dying" contest...
however since i was moving out from "larache" to "martil" i had less time to complete it, so it stayed as a WIP.
anyway i still decided to extend it and still upload it.. so here it is.. hope ya enjoy it :3

with lova bocodamondo :3

P.S read "Toggaf" backward :3


Wow; I think this might be the most epic death of a clown ever! He didn't exactly fight back, but he certainly struggled to hang on as long as he did; personally, I was rooting for him to pull something at the end to at least take his killer down with him. This is a great job at doing a serious take on a silly concept, which I always like to see. I'm not personally a fan of super-vague stories, but for the context this was well enough, even though I would've liked a bit more in the way of hints as to what was going on here (yes, I saw the killer (or her brother?) in the memory bubbles at the end, but it wasn't very clear what that meant).


It´s very neat indeed, sir.

Yeah, I was really impressed by this. At first, I thought he wouldn't die. I mean, there was a point where he could live. Well, at least he could have caused the death of the girl in that one scene. Wait, he didn't even get that. The animation could be a bit better.

I really felt sorry for this guy with all those flashbacks. Yeah, I knew what his name was spelled backwards. It's pretty obvious to me. He didn't do anything gay. You knew what would happen, but it still built up tension.

Wow i really liked this flash, haha the anime style of the characters was awesome... It made me kinda think of Naruto :) keep up the good work

Not bad... not bad, I like it.... but...... For some reason. I felt that something is missing.... is the dead of a clown..... and...... oh WTH.... ¬¬

that was weird even for being the dead of a clown....

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Oct 4, 2011
12:08 PM EDT