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Donjon Bomber III

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Donjon Bomber is a clone of bomberman: you have to drop bombs to create a passage in the level and to dispose of your opponents. You can also pick up options to increase power or number of your bombs or to protect yourself.

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i am trying to see if is good

Another interesting game

So before i get to the actual review here just wanted to enlighten you with some good thoughts here, for the mostpart this was pretty interesting and pretty entertaining, and while there was some parts i didnt like i still came to enjoy it for what it is, OK so one thing i do want to mention is that the "MOVMENT" was kinda off at times sometimes you would get stuck and the controlsdidnt operate correctly so maybe thats something you can possibly look into. This is also one of those game types where you can add some medals it would really make it fun and a much more enjoyble experince, and you can also get this game to a more wider and grand audiance, so thats something to look into. The game was cool and reminded me those simular retro games of that nintendo past so it was a fun game. And now that the review here is almost done, its pretty entertaining, and i had fun with it, i had fun with all you pushed forward here, it was pretty amusing though, and i would hope you make more stuff like this because i for one will for sure be interested,

Ok so for the submission you did good and it cameout better then i had expected, so props there, now here is some time to suggest and push some ideas, tips, and a little advice that i hope will help you in making an even better product, There was some movment and controll issues. maybe you should look into that, This would be great with some medals put in you can do so much with some medals and really give it more activity and more of a popularity, it would also keep people interested aswell as looking into more of your own work so its something to try out.

kor6k responds:

Thanks for the feedback! You should try "explose'em all"; it's the new version of this game I made and iI think it is better ;-)

I thought this was a very cool game, mostly because of how nice the colors were. It's just cool to see all these interesting things going on. What I didn't like was how it was too difficult! I am sooo glad that the enemy couldn't lay out any bombs, at least not at first. It was also nice how you could lay numerous bombs at once. It's sad when you're so much better at destroying yourself than your enemy.

I was also surprised to find such a wide variety of players to choose from. Their designs were all unique and although it didn't make sense, it was still great to look at. It's amazing how complicated this game can be. Well, I guess it's not really that complicated, just very hard. You are quite popular in score with this!

kor6k responds:

Thanks for the feedback! You should try "explose'em all"; it's the new version of this game I made and iI think it is better ;-)

Fun Game!

The biggest problem I had was that sometimes I would get stuck on the corners but other than that an excellent game!


is original