pokemon in 15 seconds

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just wanted to post something to my newgrounsds scince my youtube account has all my videos and not my newgrounds


it was funny i laughed hard and i loved the ending

Wow... this is weird.

I don't find this entertaining in the least. I mean, it's short, and the thing at the end was tasteless and unnecessary. Also, the fact that it's on an infinite loop... I mean, really.

Honest opinion.

Cursing and sex does not a funny flash video make.

And I'm forced to hear it again and again? blech.

People are so damn nice now and days.

Fortunately I am not a benevolent critic. I will not criticize the artwork, even though I could base this review wholly on the below average art detail. However, I will criticize the fact that it lacks any polish whatsoever and is just looped, that is a sign of laziness. Also, no offense to sweetcommando, but ones standards for humor would have to be rather low to laugh at this. Only good thing I can say about it is it does look like you put a bit of work into it.

I can't give any helpful advice as to how you would improve except to keep it up. Ive seen people post something worse then this as their first flash and, withing four to five years, post something really good. So, in short don't give up.

Mryuder responds:

Yeh it is totally horrible I mean I just wanted to test if the play button works so I made something my friend scripted for me and animated it as fast as I could in 76 min so I would agree the joke was stupid lots of repeted frames and poor animation but don't worry I've been animating for 7years started when I was in my first year of highs hoop so I usually make bloody and sad videos so hope you like my next video better then this stupid one

meh, its alright...

somewhat parody, whole lots of crack....
I see this, and I think of all the parody, crack filled peices of fanfiction.

the mouth animation was smooth though.

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2.00 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2011
11:30 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody