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When Reality Hits You

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Author Comments

A little short sketch I made showing something that happened to me.

I am not english, so the name Nesquik never really meant anything to me.
But when I took the time to think about it I had a moment clarity.

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this video makes me laugh every time i watch it keep up the good work

Mais ou Menos

está bom

I really liked this!

Actually this video made me realise that nesquick is a combination of nestle and quick.
Overall this was enjoyable to watch so I give you an 8 :)

I never get tired of it

Why don't you make a entire collection of it. It's really fun. Surelly can see it several times at day jaja.


simply put....THE GREATEST SHORT FLASH I'VE SEEN EVAH!!!!!!!!!!!

no....seriously, it was a cool little flash and it made me laugh