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UPDATE - 10/01/2011
Fixed Falling through the world problem
Fixed level lock system Saves
Hopefully fixed the weapon saving issues

Sketch Quest is an action-platformer that uses a unique drawing mechanic to have the player customize their character. You control a character in a high-school student's notebook and earn/draw weapons and enemies as you advance through the levels.

This project was developed by five students at the Vancouver Film School Game Design program over 3 months.

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It's a nice game

But it's super laggy, so I stopped during level 2. Maybe the frame rate was too high or maybe the programming just wasn't efficient enough.

I do like how you can kill enemies with hazards.

Really fun and allows for so much creativity...

i made a cyborg by creating a large gun, and a cool helmet...

nice! however, i went towards the face that blows on the blow dart thing at the begining of level 3 or 4 or what have you... and i fell into infinity, lol so had to reload.

awesome game. keep it up.

Pretty cool

Pretty cool. I like how the entire setting looks like doodles. There's definitely room for more Drawn to Life-type games.

love the idea but...

not being able to use the weapon is a major glitch

Cool stuff...

But I couldn't use my throwing weapon. I couldn't even get past the first set of bees.

You've got a great idea, there are just some glitches.

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3.80 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2011
1:20 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler