Madness: Air assault

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medal of instructions 5 Points

Read all the instructions of the game

medal of the credits 5 Points

Watch the credits of the game

medal of the loser 5 Points

Lose against the boss

medal of the player 5 Points

Replay the game after completing it in hard mode

medal of the researcher 10 Points


medal of the hero 25 Points

Defeat the boss and complete the game in normal mode

medal of the immortal 50 Points

Get a total score of 2500 or more points in normal mode

medal of the millionaire 100 Points

Get a total score of 5700 or more points in hard mode, very difficult!

medal of the superhero 100 Points

Defeat the boss and complete the game in hard mode

Author Comments

Madness day 2011

GOOD NEWS: This game has received the 4th place in Madness Day 2011 (50$), haters... hahahaha!

IMPORTANT: This game is difficult but possible to beat, you just have to practice!
IMPORTANT: Please read the instructions before play!
IMPORTANT: If you find any bugs, press "R" to restart the level!

The clown is back and the only two who can defeat him are Sanford and Deimos, are not going to be a normal combat but an air assault, can you managed to beat the clown?

-Medals have been approved! thanks newgrounds staff!
-Send me a PM if you find any bugs

Thanks for the front page Tom!

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i exit safe zone and instantly lose health despite not even being hit by anything

Absolute Garbage. I know you tried your best, but you seriously should spend some time learning to program a little more.


not as gory but it's fine

This is, hands down, the trashiest "Madness" game I've ever played. Yes, I've beaten the game properly (even at hard mode). Where to begin?

1- The whole setting is pointless. A chopper in an up-down situation (dude, why put sideways control anyway?). There's no background, there's no nothing related to the Madness universe other than the characters and the "somewhere in nevada" screen. It's just... bogus.

2- Gameplay is also stupid - Bullets are short range, there's markers for safe areas (really) and no progression of any sort, nor guns. Just go up n down shooting when you're down. Time it well, victory is yours.

3- Glitchy as HELL - Actually maybe hell isn't as buggy as this game, either. The most annoying is the one where Sanford floats away from the chopper, because it forces a restart. Speaking of -

4- Game is horribly put together - You can't start hard mode without previously beating normal mode EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. So, if the game glitched during a hard mode fight (99% chance it will) you have to beat normal mode AGAIN. That's rookie mistake - Why not just put a locked button for hard mode that gets unlocked after beating normal mode?

5- This may not even be a game, since it forces the player to watch ads consecutively. Well, this didn't affect me very much - I was FORCED to activate my adblock partially due to your previous games. I'm not against ads - I'm against you and other people forcing them on the audience. Every screen an ad. Come on. You did the same thing on every other submission so I can only infer that you are a "ad-whore" who cares not for quality nor audience experience, but only for money from ads.

6- Typos - Not really typos, but a mess all around the english language. A few typos are fine - even native speakers are prone to - and I'm above all would NEVER nitpick on that, since I'm also a non-native english speaker. But there's a limit to it, and that's when the grammar mistakes interfere with information, often resulting in misunderstanding (or not even that!) instructions.

And the worst of all:

7- Developer's attitude: The way the dev handles negative feedback is the worst part. Even worse than making this terrible piece - it shows that there is no interest in making better games. It's funny how you respond to totally valid criticism with "I GOT FRONT PAGE HUR DUR" or "IM 4TH MADNESS PLACE LOL" when that means absolutely nothing.

Played for the medals ONLY, that's the only reason anyone plays this anyway. Unfortunately NG has no standards on who can put up medals on games, that allows for people like you to put medals on ad-filled trashgames to get an audince. Shame.

I dont like this game, you just have to play it.

Credits & Info

2.58 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2011
8:47 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight