Stick Killing Machines

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This game took me around a week to make. Its kinda short, I know, but I plan on making a # 2. So stay tuned :p. If you have any cool ideas, I would love to hear them, I will put them in # 2. Thanks for playing!

CONTROLS: next machine = next machine
last machine = last machine you used
reset stick = resets the stick at any time
also, you must reset the stick before changing machines.

A tribute to Prikedelik


its very cool! i like the FALCON PANCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( falcon punch ) machine butt need more machines

i say let the game reset on its own so you don't have too but other than that its pretty good

I like it! :)

Its a really good game, as you mentioned, its a bit too short, but if your really going to make a #2, then I suggest something like a Bazooka, Minigun or a really big shotgun, I would love to see something like that on here.

As for the game itself, I did enjoy all of them really, for some reason, I was laughing like hell when I saw the punching glove machine, it was hilarious!

I'm looking forward to more of your work.

Your fan,


Jeffyx responds:

Thank you for your feedback :D, i will use those ideas for numer 2 defeneltly! working on it now :D

needs work nut good job

I know making games is hard, I've tried it myself, but if you're gonna make one try to make it better, find some animation tutorials on youtube and make a better game! trust me it, you only need to try.


Nice work. I can see that hard work never fails to impress

Jeffyx responds:

Thank you! =D

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2.85 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2011
7:29 PM EDT
Adventure - Other