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Kingdom in the Clouds

rated 3.55 / 5 stars
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Sep 9, 2011 | 12:54 PM EDT

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Conquer Forest Canopy 5 Points Beat all five levels of the 1st world
Conquer Lava Peaks 5 Points Beat all five levels of the 2nd world
Conquer Nimbus Basin 10 Points Beat all five levels of the 3rd world
Conquer Kingdom Outskirts 25 Points Beat all 4 levels of the 5th world
Conquer Starry Skies 25 Points Beat all five levels of the 4th world
First Blood Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Hoots Helping Hand Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Story Master Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Cloud Creature Hunter Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Rich as a ...King Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
All the tricks in the book Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
King of the Clouds Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

"Kingdom in the Clouds" is an action/defense game complete with an upgrade system. You play as a young prince who must return with his sister after falling far from their kingdom in the clouds.

There are 5 different zones you must battle through before reaching your kingdom. Each zone, accompanied by its own unique art (RedHarvest) and music (thatcomposerguy), has 5 levels you must complete before advancing to the next. As you advance, the levels increase in difficulty. To beat the game you must successfully complete all levels and defeat the final wave.

To aid you in your journeys, the player is introduced to an upgrade system via a companion owl named "Hoot." The upgrades are a variety of both offensive and defensive skills. These include health upgrades for your character and your sister, a powerful wall in the form of a cloud, decreasing the amount of time that Hoot delivers helpful item drops, and a devastating zap attack!

MonoFlauta, RedHarvest, Seymour, and thatcomposerguy, want to thank you for playing and hope that you enjoy "Kingdom in the Clouds!"

EDIT 10/09/11 - Thanks Tom for the front page! Also now all the medals are approve :)



Rated 3 / 5 stars


I didn't play far but expect my star rating would have just gone down if I had.

Slow cloud firing and the upgrade didn't seem to do ANYTHING... Picking up your sister was entirely pointless, as Sprouticus-Maximus already pointed out, and there's no reason to teach it at the start as she's BEST OFF in the middle of the screen.

There's some potential but it's really too slow without enough catchy elements (song, gameplay, story, characters, etc).

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

Could have been much better...

The game is too easy in the beginning, and way too hard in the end. None of the upgrades really seem to do much. The clouds should get stronger with each level, but they don't. By the max level, they don't seem top be much faster than the first.

The cloud wall is practically useless even at high levels, and is it barely a help.

Being able to pick up your sister is pointless since you can't jump. All you do is pick her up and run to your death.

The most frustrating thing was that I had to push the "S" and "F" keys at least 5 - 10 times to activate their respective abilities. There are several times I actually died because the lightning ability simply wouldn't work.

I do also agree with the lower review that having a mute and quality button would have been nice. I do like the music, but as the main melody is only about 10 seconds long, it gets old really fast. Especially when the game is that frustrating.

Overall the game could have been much better.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

like it ,but hate it .. a lot

Well the gameplay, first i liked the game but then it turned so fricking hard (well i use all the points on the howl to get more points XD) but i got entertained a little .
the other points was the art that i dont like , first i FUCKING HATE THE SISTER (especially when you lose and she cries) and i HATE the smile of the howl in the upgrade menu, and for last the character it was crap, in my opinion you should be playing with a charismatic or badass character but Nooooo you play as a bald fat carcinogen retard that throw clouds ... real threatening . being fat, bald and numb doesnt make you a cloud king.(and sorry for my bad english and my horrible writing ) :(


Rated 4 / 5 stars

It was alright. Took some time

It was an alright game. The games was a bit too cute for me, but was a bit of challenging in the end.
A bit funny with the diffrent monsters you made. As there were a bird version of the minotaur
Btw, you need to write that you CAN MUTE WITH M, AND THEY CAN CHANGE GRAFIK WITH Q, or else people will dislike your game because they will belive they can't do it. Also because they won't test it.

Was a bit irritating because you have to take some lvls over and over again to get enough gems so you can upgrade your stats, so you at least have a little chance to succed.
The thunder were only usefull when it's stats were full. The cloude wall were poor befor it became lvl 4-5. You should have made so they had the same defence, so you only increased the number of them with each upgrade. So they would take like 4 - 6 hits befor they got destroyed through the game.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Decent Game

It starts off boring but picks up near the end when it's more challenging. Playing level one over and over was an easy way to get gems. The main cloud attack upgrade doesn't seem to get any better with upgrades, so use your gems on the owl first. Picking up the girl is suicide in most cases, you can't jump, and can't exactly hide anywhere. In later levels it's good to stall for time while you let your thunder attack charge. She makes a good shield the rest of the time. Ok game but it could have been better