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My first complete animation. Previously I submitted an unfinished version of this just to see if I could sucessfully upload and move from the status of complete curr to just an idiot. I'll probabely delete that.

Anyhoo for anyone who watched Ren and Stimpy they'll know where the audio came from. I decided to use this classic piece of hilarity as a foundation with which I could built my noobishness on, instead of writing and designing my own audio (which I will do in future). So please don't claim I stole this music to make it look like I made it, because that was the least of my intentions. It's a tribute to one of the granddadies of animation, and since so much work on Newgrounds seems to be modeled of Spumco stylings it seemed a good place to start with music from the very show.

However don't expect fluid master-animatory shit, a lot of shit is tweened and repeated (as part of the so called 'narrative'), and there is a few instances of frame by frame (something i wish to expand on in future projects). There are bits the scream 'shit' but I'm happy for the most part, and I hope this can be enjoyed!

There's no real story, don't expect to know what you just watched after watching this. Though again that's an expecttion on Newgrounds.



hahahahahahaha the best!

Really good for your first complete flash

A bit choppy like you mentioned, but it was still a nice flash and has the same kind of demented humor that Ren+Stimpy had. Well done, and keep it up.

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You eeeediot! =]

Nice. You kept up the demented and twisted humor of the show. XD

you are...

An idiot! lawl just kidding.

Very interesting way to put this song in images. Even after all these years i still think Ren and Stimpy are the Devil' childs. or at least suffering from an overdose of "happy pills". In any case, this is about as terrifying as the original. 4/5 and 8/10.

I hope i get to see your original work soon!

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The little critters of nature

They don't know that they're ugly, this was actually kinda funny

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Sep 7, 2011
4:09 PM EDT
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