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Sonic scene creator 5

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There's not much to say but, I believe that this is an improvement over the last one, it has more content and a better interface.

anyways enjoy and don't forget to read those instructions :p

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after eggmans defeat, sonic and friends decide to take a break, but little did they know, what was coming for them, eggman, tired cause of his defeat, tried to plan how to defeat sonic, that is, until a robot of him came with a mysterious looking gem, eggman did a analysis to the gem, and now, he figured out how to defeat sonic-to be continued

superly amazing please add chris from sonic x and silver

I love this! But one question can you add Mighty The Armadillo Classic And Modern Please Thanks!


this is a story: it's the final fight. robo-knuckles supercharged by the master emerald. sonic and tails are flying through space at the speed of a turtle the master emerald and robo knuckles are also moving at that speed. little do they know the master emerald is ever so slightly losing it's power every second as robotnik is using a power harvester on the bottom of the emerald soon robo knuckles explodes as usual but robotnik's machine is supercharged! he transfers the energy to the death egg robot and the true final fight begins... TO BE CONTINUED