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Author Comments

20 levels of epicness!
Newgrounds scoreboards! (Can you get the top spot?)
Colorful graphics!
Addicting gameplay!

ARROWS or WASD to move/jump
P to pause
+/- to control volume
0 to mute

I hope you love it! Please go gentle, this is my first solo game. Actually, come to think of it, this is my first ActionScript 3.0 game.

Yes, you CAN beat every level! All of them are possible, some are just hard.

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OMG...the noise! Its...ITS...ITS AWESOME!!! :D 10 Stars!


instead of saying "hey you should have added this or created more obstacles I'm going to rate the game for what it is.

It is a well polished game with basic mechanics and basic goals. This game is a trial and error based game that left me wanting more. Newer levels (changing of the background.) For what the game is it deserves an 8. Not bad for your first AS 3.0 it ran very smooth and as far as I can tell no errors.

Very clever on the remember me level took me a bit.

good game!

Unfortunately it brings nothing new to this genre of "instant and unexpected death" style of games. The biggest challenges for me were the long jumps where timing had to be spot on. But it was passable so I enjoyed it.

Too many LoFs

I found this quite enjoyable, but there was way too many leap of faiths, its not a nice feeling to know whether or not you're gonna die half the time you jump. This and the fact that the game was a little slippery it was a good game!

Impossible Levels Aren't Fun You Know

Well the artwork is a bit bland to be honest, each level is practically the same so there isn't a lot of variety here. The animation is actually pretty good here, with Rainbowman changing colors and the death animation is nice to, since there is only one hazard that I know of, the spikes then it makes me wonder if you could have done more with the death animation. Although the music choice from the Audio Portal was superb, I was wondering why there were no sound effects, seems like a game that should have utilized them. The controls are tight, but not much variety, just a basic run and jump. The gameplay is what kills this game though, mainly because there was one level that I just could not pass for the life of me and that is the "Remember Me?" level. Usually I don't like to stop on a game without having to complete it, but it is simply a level I could not get passed. After 176 deaths I just couldn't bear it anymore. Doesn't really matter though this is a mediocre platformer at best, but as far as working with ActionScript 3.0 for your first time I think you did well.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Artwork
*Great Animation
*Superb Music
*Great Controls
*Good Gameplay

|| Bad Points ||
*No Sound

Credits & Info

3.28 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2011
10:52 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other