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Medal1 5 Points

Complete first 9 holes

Medal3 5 Points

Hole in one

Medal2 10 Points

Complete all 18 holes

Medal11 25 Points

Collect all the rainbow gems

Medal4 25 Points

The full 10,000 points on one hole

Medal7 25 Points

Complete a full game 8 times

Medal10 50 Points

Get an Albatross on every hole

Medal5 50 Points

The full 10,000 points on 9 holes

Medal6 50 Points

Complete a full game in under 3 minutes

Medal8 50 Points

Complete a full game 20 times

Medal12 100 Points

Perfect 10,000 points on every hole

Medal9 100 Points

Complete a full game 50 times

Author Comments

Thanks for entry into the Sports Collection Tom!

BUGS: Most problems with getting the game to work can be resolved by switching to another browser.

Simple mouse control aim and click to putt the ball into the hole.

Practice on any hole by selecting from the score screen.

Unlock Wonder Collectables Mode after the first full game complete to maximise your points!

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Very good looking game, definitely one of my favourites on newgrounds. I like the relaxing music. Fifty game plays is a little silly, but I have the time.

beautiful game

I LOVE this game!

This game is a masterpiece, handsdown. It's extremely well polished and has solid mechanics. I was never a fan of golf gaming but I find myself hooked to this one. I can't think of anything that this game lacks - besides more levels. The isometric perspective and BGM/SFX provides for a great gameplay experience, and the practice shots were a nice idea: Every level can be "Albatrossed" relatively easy after a while of practicing.


69656 Points total, the water part totally boned me but this is so amazing I didn't even care. I love this kind of game where a little world transforms in unexpected ways in just one screen, and with graphics that are so pleasing to the eye I can't help but say this is an amazing game. Well done!