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Aug 23, 2011 | 5:44 AM EDT

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Warstations combines the sci-fi universe from my Hidden Dimensions tactical card game with the traditional arcomage gameplay mechanic.

The player controls a large warstation, which he'll use to explore space and defeat various alien opponents, during a short campaign. While doing this, the player unlocks additional cards to improve his deck and gradually, the opponents get stronger and stronger.

Next to the campaign mode, there's a quick-fight mode, where any of the opponents from the storyline can be fought. Unlike storyline the player has all cards available here for deckbuilding, and on top of that, first-time players start with a premade deck, so all it takes is a few clicks to get into a fight.

Multiplayer is similar to quick fight, getting into a duel is quick and easy. The game features a lobby, where players can browse existing games or create a game themselves. The multiplayer code is hosted on Player IO servers.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It has been a while since 800 pixels was the standard width of a monitor, it is time that flash games used a few more pixels to make the images easier to see and read. This is taking up only about 1/3 the width and height of my monitor, so about 90% is background instead of what I'm trying to play.

The tiny images and the lack of "screen space" in the game makes it difficult to set up a deck for play, which is an important part of the strategy game.

Some filters would also be nice, or even the ability to sort by a criteria when selecting cards. As it is: I would need to enter all the cards into a spreadsheet and then sort by what cards I want to have. Too much effort for a flash game, but might be worth while for a deck builder if I planned to play for a while.

One major drawback is that the game "rewards" you with new cards, but limits you to 60 cards per deck. If you pick 3 or 4 of each of your favorite cards, you only have 15-20 different cards in your deck, and rewarding with additional cards is meaningless. Having 84 unique cards means a lot of unused cards in the way when trying to set the deck.

For those wanting tips on how to play:
1) Decide if you will be balanced, mostly attack, or mostly defense, before setting your deck.
2) For offensive play, set maybe 40-45 of the 60 cards in your deck as attack cards, with the rest being either defense or resource cards.
3) For defensive play: focus on generating resources and boosting your shields and armor, but keep enough attack cards to take the enemy out. This typically means a few big hitting cards as you will have few cards left to do the damage, but plenty of time to build up resources.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

great concept

The concept of the game was great. but the problem i have with it is I don't want to have to either squint my eyes to read or have to think this much for a flash game when im just trying to relax but good effort :)