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Skeleton Launcher!

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Can you imagine an undead who loves chicken eggs? This cute skeleton has a passion for them!
Shoot him with a cannnon, collect eggs across 40 levels, have fun!

Click to shoot. The further from the cannon you click the faster the skeleton flies.
Use "R" to restart level.

This version comes with new sounds and music. Also bugs with Flash Player crashes were fixed.

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I dunno know dude, but this game is alright, but it should be more fun than a shooting a skeleton off a cannon, in my mind I feel like writing grow up...But seriously maybe grow up...


kinda kidish

Its fun!

Why there are only bad reviews??? its a good game ..good job!

It`s good but...

It`s a slightly worse version of ragdoll canon because it allows you to do more stuff.
This could just be the backbone of a great game if you work on it.


Comparisons with ragdoll cannon are inevitable, so i won't beat around the bush.

compared to that game, this one feels very slow and sluggish. Not in terms of performance, but in gameplay. The skeletons are comparitively far bigger and tumble around lowly, seemingly with less gravity. The size makes them less useful for puzzle, like firing them through small holes, and makes them feel clumsy.

The game also only allows you to have one active at a time, rather than 5 or so in ragdoll cannon. What this means is that you can't precisely fire several skeletons in quick succession to do things quickly, slowing the game down. It also limits puzzle possibilities, so much more can be done with using multiples simultaneously.

Compared to ragdoll cannon, this game seems dumbed down, simplified, and especially made slower and more tedious. it's a step backward in the formula. still a decent game objectively, but not comparitively.