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This game,
"SUPER TAT" is the game with genre of modification platform and speed game.
It actually telling us a story about a turtle named TAT.
Because of his weird look, he doesn't really have many friends.
He feels so sick and sad because of his look, until one day he accidentally heard
that the king held a competition. In this competition, whoever run quickly and explore the whole country will get the king's trophy
For TAT, this competition is not only a common competition but also a competition that could convince the whole country that he is more than just an ugly turtle.
This is a good timing for TAT to shows his ability so his friends won't see him as a weird turtle anymore.


UP : climbing
RIGHT, LEFT : moving to left and right
Z or SPACE : Jumping


1. It's simple game. Just RUN!
2. Get FIRST Rank to unlock next level
3. Run as fast as you can to take THE FIRST RANK
4. Upgrade your ability by your gold

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Fun but not fantastic

Overall a fun game. The gold is interesting because it's really just there as a pity prize if you know you aren't going to get rank 1, because the time bonus is good enough to offset gold bonus usually. The game's short enough that it doesn't feel a whole lot like busy work, but if you don't care to play it to the end, you're not missing a whole lot either. And it's nice the game tells you how many levels there are up front. And for those who want to know, it seems if you beat a level by 1:20, you get 1st rank.

Some things that could be fixed:
*Every time I go to the map, it reverts back to high quality mode which my computer can't handle, so I have to change it every time.
*The button at the very end of the game doesn't do a thing.
* The game only stores your last rank for each level, so if you beat one then later go back and play it and get a lower score, the OCD in me makes me want to keep replaying it until I get rank 1 again, though it has no bearing on the rest of the game. Perhaps only show your highest rank. For those who like going for high scores rather than just beating a game, perhaps show their highest score earned on a level (time+gold bonus).
* Grammar could be improved

Worth playing

Overall, I really liked the style and music of the game. It's really cute, as well as fun to play. I wish it told you what you needed in order to get the gold trophy though. It's also frustrating how your jump can get a little TOO upgraded though, so you end up missing jumps.

Overall, a fun game that I'd play again

turtle is faster than rabbit

first of all, nice game. there are just a few things, which can be improved:

1.) If you replay a level (what is sometimes necessary to upgrade) and dont get rank 1, always your newest rank will be displayed (although the unlocked levels stay unlocked, which is good). Maybe you should only display the best rank on a certain level.
2.) You need jump level 7 to pass map 6, better say this before (you only mentioned this in level 7). Instead of saying this in one level, you could make several levels, where you need to have a certain amount of upgrades (for example a run through a tunnel against the blue floor or a long ladder level).
3.) If you upgraded your jump too far, it is nearly impossible to pass the levels with the exact jumps, because you dont see, where you jump. Maybe make some jump sensitivity (short press equals short jump).
4.) You should mention that you need to pass a level in 40 or less seconds to get rank 1 (1:20 left).
5.) You cant close the winning animation (button doesnt work).

You may think about getting still gold, although you didnt finish level, so you can upgrade directly and dont need to replay already done levels. Also you can consider death penalty (for example loss of key), although i think reseting position may be enough. I hope you make sequal :-)

flooGames responds:

Thank you.
We fix it


what bothered me most about the game was the grammar. other than that its a pretty good game.

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3.99 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2011
11:50 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other
  • Daily 5th Place August 22, 2011