Super Happy Fun Time 31

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The village elder offers our hero the hand of his daughters. Fair maidens indeed.

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I liked this. It seems like it really does revel in the cheesiness of standard Clock flashes. Then again, most of your other cartoons are like that. I'm starting to get a better understanding of what's going on in this series. I like the notion of long legged electronic devices. He really does have an expressive face here.

It's always nice to have different voices, even if it isn't actual voices. Now that I look back, that stick was pretty annoying. I like the beginning where it pans down. It seemed to be a good length too. I liked most of it.

InsulinpumpClock responds:

Thanks for all your reviews. I missed this one! I'm glad your getting an understanding of this series. Honestly though I'm not sure if that is possible.


but, how? what? when?

doesn't matter, insulinus the III has returned! hooray! free biscuits and alcohol-free beer for everyone!
how did you made such an excellent movie?
strangely, i was reading that old blog-post/news post where you had the drawing of IP as hew, with pipe-an-all, and writing ''aparently, someone doesn't finds my movies entertaining'', while thinking about chris the stick's previous fire-incident.
COINCIDENCE? yeah, like diabeetus, it can be, at a room.
sweet coincidence.

BUT, ABOUT THE MOVIE.a wonderfull animation, loved the insulin-pump with the fez, and the romp, and tha pipe, but man, i also lov'e'd tha bunnies!
excellent! more! with pump-boobies!(joke)

anyway, keep making more, if you like, and i can suggest ideas, if you want.
ps/. will you do a collaborration with roman-collar?
and if so, will you guys do a game? can you teach how to make a select your actions-game-thingy?
please help.

anyway, a great movie, but i disagree on chris-the-stick beeing on a fire place. he should be in the trophies box!

InsulinpumpClock responds:

Well... I think, when I set you on fire the first time, my blog post didn't occur to me. It's just that, that's what sticks do. But it all works out in the end. And I drew that Hugh Hefner Insulin a long time ago. That's interesting you recognized that because I always forget his name.

When I drew it, I was hoping Sherclock would make a movie with the drawing because I didn't feel like doing it.

I didn't want it to go to waste so good thing I kept it. He kept it too.

The pump bunnies are a rip off of 2 characters (more like props) from a Darkwing duck episode called Dry Hard. They were dancing singing commercials/cheer leaders. They kept changing costumes. From what I remember they weren't much more then legs. I'm glad I didn't do anything more. "Why can't cartoons just be cartoons?"

You can "suggest" ideas. You can repeat them ad nauseam all over every blog post I have. You can copy and paste it all you want! It's not going to make me do it. It's also not going to make me respond to you better especially when you don't listen when I do.

hhhhhhhh I know very little about action script. Next.

Yes a trophy box ( I think it's called a block) is actually a good idea.

I'll admit I was sorta forcing ideas out instead of just letting it play out naturally, so a lot of the original idea didn't make it. At the start, I wanted to make a new background (a fancy interior one) but I didn't. I'm glad you liked the movie. Thanks for the review.




InsulinpumpClock responds:

I think they should be reoccurring characters. They can get all the female parts.

About your email, I am still waiting to give chris the stick2 stuff and whenever you're online I can give you some stuff too.


Purple drapes! Good stuff. You guys sure you're with CC? 9/10 (needs voices!) 5/5 whut!

InsulinpumpClock responds:

"All my life i've wanted purple drapes."

I'll admit I looked that one up, but I gave up watching the Simpsons ages ago. Good one!

Well, I am sure I am not with CC.

It's kind of hard to explain but I am not affiliated with them anymore. I wanted to make flash again and I like making these because they are fun and easy. I know I can't escape the use of robot voices and talk arrows for SHFT but I don't think I would want to. Thems the breaks.

I only speak for myself. Insulin pump doesn't even have a clock in these so I guess it makes it ok?

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3.91 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2011
5:18 PM EDT
Comedy - Original