Rise of the Colony

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Rise of the Colony puts you in the shoes of a colonial commander, charged with the defense of humanity's colonies across all its varied worlds. Build up your colony block by block, utilizing every trick in the arsenal to repel pillaging raiders and conquering aliens.

In battle, build weapons and blocks using your metal and fuel resources. Destroy enemies and construct mine/power blocks to gain more income. Research deadly new weapons and equip the ones you think you'll most need for the next mission.

And most importantly, don't let the colonists fall!



This is really good game,i think there should be an option to change difficulty, because most people dont like it, but i do, every level you have to concentrate really hard or your defenses get blown to pieces along with every thing else, but this can work for you, because when blocks get screwed they fragment and can work as a really good shield for incoming missiles. So you sir, have made a really decent game.

Great game!

This was a great game that was somewhat slightly more creative. Gaining tech points to upgrade bases, and defending you colony against invaders. However, I must admit that the difficulty level was in a way too high. A few shots from enemy units and your defense structure explodes into pieces of debris. Also the amount of tech points gained from every level was too low for further upgrades forcing me to replay old levels. This partly ruined my excitement of playing this game till the end. Other than that this was a great game and keep up the great work done! Hope you could change things here and there such as setting a difficulty level for players. 8/10 4/5

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You've made a pretty decent game here, however the difficulty is too high, and the game presents you with an option to mitigate that, which is the upgrade system.

This leads to the problem that too much time is spent replaying old levels to farm tech points, to stand a chance at new ones. The flow of gameplay is ruined

I woould suggest reducing the damage of all enemies a bit (maybe by 25%) and . . doubling or even tripling the number of tech points gained per level. Right now it's a fun idea ruined by grinding and it makes me not want to play anymore,. so i'm giving up.

skill straining

This game is well worth playing. If you like games that give you a decent challenge, this would be the one for you. Although not losing any colonists seem out of reach, that's where the skill comes to play. Keep up the nice work.

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Very difficult and tiring

All the weapons you have seems to be very weak compared to the enemy ones, and you earn so little upgrade points every match, for you to upgrade a thousand of weapons, so I think its very difficult for a flash game.

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3.28 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2011
1:52 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense