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VG Cats Animated 4

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The fourth attempt of mine to animate a comic strip by Scott Ramsoomair. Omahdon and Scott are gods for creating the audio and comic (respectively). It took forever and a day to make this and it isn't even on the same level as OneyNG or SexualLobster or Egoraptor as far as animation goes.

Hope you all enjoy though!

Original comic: http://www.vgcats.com/com ics/?strip_id=130

Visit Scott at VGCats.com

Youtube version: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=_MVwr0zYDQs&feature =channel_video_title

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Naturally, I read this comic back when VG Cats was still, y'know, being actively made by Scott Ramsoomair, and even back then, I just had one little issue with how the comic/this animation panned out, and that's the fact that, given a choice of characters to play in any Street Fighter game starting with Street Fighter Alpha 2, I'll usually default to Dan "The Man" Hibiki, and I actually did better and got a higher top score on at least one arcade cabinet of SFA2 than the former first place who was using Akuma (I don't remember exact scores, but my score was something like 200k higher than the person playing as Akuma). Of course, that's not a critique of the animation, because this was just recreating Scott's original comic as an animation... but, yeah, Dan doesn't really throw impressive fireballs. At all. Ever.

Man I Wish Leo And Aeris Could Play Video Games With Us Fans

I loved this! I think my only complaint was that the animation was in fact a little off. It's still great for what it is. I don't specifically remember this comic. It's great that webcomics are coming to life like this. There was one VG Cats cartoon that lasted one episode.

I'm glad that this is around. It's great to hear these voices. They really are what I imagined they would be like! Well, like I said, this isn't the first time I've heard them, I think? Anyway, I wish Scott himself had an account to download these.

Holy crap, I didn't know vgcats had ever been animated. That's just weird.

Add to the characteristics of female fighting game characters, that they MUST all have at least one kissing-motif attack. Or in Mortal Kombat, they must have at least one kissing-motif fatality. And not just one female character. Oh no. Every single female character, and in every single game.

I liked their Akuma and Cammy getups.

This is hilarious
I like the comics