Bob's Busy Boxing Biz

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Bankrupt 5 Points

Send Newgrounds Into the Red

Falcon 5 Points

Finish Fast

Retarded 5 Points

Send Wrong Order

Trainee 5 Points

Finish First Day

Calendar 10 Points

Add 2011 Calendar to Store Inventory

Captain 10 Points

Add Tankmen Figurine to Store Inventory

Castle Crasher 10 Points

Add Castle Crasher Figurine to Store Inventory

Hip-Hop 10 Points

Add Hip-Hop 2010 CD to Store Inventory

Meat Boy 10 Points

Add MeatBoy Game to Store Inventory

Newgrounds 10 Points

Add Newgrounds Poster to Store Inventory

Tankmen 10 Points

Add Tankmen Poster to Store Inventory

No Mistakes 25 Points

All Orders Correct For First 15 Days

Penicorn 25 Points

Add Penicorn to Store Inventory

Tight Fit 25 Points

Completely Fill Many Boxes

Do Not Bend 50 Points

Completely Fill 3x3x3 Box

Mystery Box 50 Points

Add Mystery Box to Store Inventory

Blood Sweat Tears 100 Points

Work Through A Full Month

Entrepreneur 100 Points

Earn $10,000.00

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Use your mouse - click on something to go to it, once near object, further clicks do other functions. The first level has some walkthrough stuff to follow.

Instructions via KiaMatarie:
1 get the list off the computer
2 grab all the products you need
3 lay them on table
4 grab a box they will all fit in
5 put the objects in the box so they will all fit without overfilling box
(you can rotate box and objects to make them fit better)
6 hit the ship button

Post if you have problems. Thanks.


Man imagine Bob doing this in real life!

Seriously can you imagine all the orders that come in daily and him having to memorize where everything is and who ordered what? I mean that stuffs gotta be tough! Give the guy a cookie! XD

As for the game itself it's really fun challenging and almost stressful in a way :)

Only problem I had with this was the music would've been nice to turn it off at least and it got old kinda fast.

But despite that it's a great game.

Keep up the good work guys

And uh I hate to ask this but WHERE THE FUCK IS PERFECT KIRBY 4? Well whatever...

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so confused..

how in the fuck does this work? the directions were so crowded and vague. art is perfect animation is smooth, it looks like fun, just confused as shit at how to play it :S

The life of Bob

Interesting insight on the backstage of the webiste lol! That game was addictive like HELL! My fingers hurt from all the boxing and shipping!

One remark about the proximity of buttons: The undo-ship-return are faaaar too small and close to each other, It's a bit frustrating to accidentally press return when your 3x3x3 is finally full, or to press ship instead of undo and probably making one customer very angry...

The other thing is about mental sanity: Uuuuuurgh it gets sooo repetitive to get the blood sweat tears medal >_<! The thing is, in the first stages, it was fun to count the spaces needed to fit in the smallest box possible. This aspect is lost in the later levels as only the biggest box is needed.

So, meeeh -1 for making my day and then ruining it again with that medal lol

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Confusing/cluttered directions

The art is spot on for this, and the premise is surprisingly interesting. My only problem with the game is that the instructions on how to play are really cluttered and difficult to understand. I'd have to give it a 10 if the game was more player-ready and less confusing.

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Fun game

Once you understand how to play the game is really fun. The only problem i have with this game is that there's no saving function.

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Credits & Info

3.46 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2011
10:43 AM EDT
Simulation - Job