The King is Watching

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Mattbuscus Sticks 1 was way better, and it was removed by you.

ZJ responds:

I never removed your flash. I tried blamming it, but I never used my unpublishing powers on it.

Where do I begin? This can hardly pass an animation. It is a single frame with a poorly drawn strawberry clock and some text. Asking viewers to vote 5 generally leads to a negative response. What I recommend is that you tidy up your drawing ( Lets be honest here, you're no Leonardo da Vinci ).

With the addition of some music I believe that eventually one day in the distant, extremely far, and almost non-existent future you will be a great artist. So keep your head up and even though i gave this flash zero stars there will always be one star here... and that star is you.

ZJ responds:


He sure does

The King does watch everyone. You do have a very Good Point. He is always the king of the Portal on Clockday.
Keep up the great work.

ZJ responds:

All Men are brothers until the day they die...it's a wonderful world.

The King

Is Always Watching

ZJ responds:



I don't see how this got 3.55 and the score's increasing every day, clock day is over already. Also, I don't understand. Just because it's a collaboration means that it gets upwards of 3.5? I don't understand the system anymore...

ZJ responds:

It's a Clock Day submission, man. What were you expecting? Something on the level of Egoraptor or JohnnyUtah?

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3.91 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2011
5:41 PM EDT