Bubble Popper 3D

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A relaxing yet challenging 3D bubble popping game. Pop as many bubbles as you can but be careful not to miss too often or else you will lose! As you beat more levels you will unlock different bubble power ups and things will speed up. At the end of a level you can purchase upgrades with your hard earned points so that you stand a better chance against all those bubbles! Make sure you check out the achievements and try to get them all!

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Not great, but not bad.

The little power-ups and special bubbles keep it interesting for a few levels, but this game's longevity was doomed from the start.
Clicking bubbles can only be so much fun.
My advice? Add bubble effects. I want certain bubbles to explode into fucking confetti and candy, that'll keep my attention.
More advice? Add music. The best possible way to keep people playing would be to have music that changes as you get higher multipliers. Maybe it starts out 8-bit, then gets slowly more high-tech and advanced until it's high-speed techno?
Just a few tips for a longer-lasting, more fun game.


no bad but no so fun

wrong game title

This is about as 3D as this text is. This whole thing is as simplistic as it gets and it's definitelly not a work one put big effort in there.

Not bad

This wasn't a great submission, but it didn't need to be, because it was fun in itself. The best part was how it was just so simple. I thought maybe you would lose health as you went on, but you did not. The problem is that it is in fact a bit too easy. Still, with all the hard games that are going around nowadays, I can't mock you too much for it. The music is very good and it gives off a good cheery feel with the piano.

Everything is presented in a very clear manner, but maybe a bit too clear. It just seems like you could have done more with this, but it could have been a lot worse. The backgrounds and graphics are just fine. It's just that there are so many other games that are done a lot better. At least there wasn't any malice or ill will made in this.

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2.30 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2011
3:44 PM EDT
Skill - Other