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The Noob Adventures Episode 1

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Episode 2-

EDIT 5/23/2020: The ENTIRE series has been remastered! Better visuals, better sound, better music, better everything! Enjoy!

MINECRAFT: THE N00B ADVENTURES is a little Minecraft series I'm working on about 3 n00bs who just joined a random public server. Part 2 will be out on NG very soon!

EDIT: YAY! Daily 2nd and Frontpaged! Thank ya kindly, NG! And I do read the reviews so even if I don't respond to yours (because I'm super lazy), I assure you I have read it!

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thank god this is still here on newgrounds

Too bad YouTube private this

oh yeah this one! one of the few flash series i was able to watch on youtube several years ago. sometime like. 2015 or 2014? maybe 2013 if i'm pushing it? regardless i believe this was the time minecraft was at an all-time high for the first time only to slowly sink into the abyss for the next few years only to come back.
i remember the period when you try to talk about it and people are like "actually no. you see, this is a KIDS game. us ADULTS here are trying to play GENERIC SHOOTER #238, REVENGE OF THE WORLD WAR 4S, so why don't you fuck off?". those guys were assholes. they probably played like. wizards 101 or something.
only now have i heard that this whole series got a full remaster now! needless to say this was just as entertaining as i remembered. now all we need is fvdisco to come back. one day. i heard he's a father now too.