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Dr. Mia Flatcher provided evidence to the world - evidence that of a new life form was found here on Earth. Now, the University starting a big program for further development of the Ectology science. Capture ectomorphs so they can be studied.

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I appreciate the neutral approach to the whole ghost thing. I only wish that some of them didn't wander into the beam and force me to try to catch 2 at once or drain the battery for both their own safety.

26 nights, 8 trophies, 34,667 points, 793 caught.

I have spent YEARS trying to find this game again, I have lost sleep and shed tears of fustration over forgetting such a fun game. I loved it and regretted not reviewing it at the time, that mistake has been rectified! This is a fantastic game.

This is like GhostBuster with Paranormal stuff.
I totally love the atmosphere! Green and into the real world with camera,like it show the proof of paranormal stuff.The X-File will be interest in that!
Thoses are the kind of game that I love!

Gorda look like an Alien,which belongs to Paranormal category.
The last achievement (Ectophilia) is the hardest one,unless I will do the first level. As ennemy are easy to capture instead of thoses Extra-terrestrial silhouet.

First time playing it,finish it with 7 trophies,32 nights and 36206 points.

What if the Ectomorph are materialization of a people mind and will also hapenned on the heroin? Causing insanity and disturbance? Will be our ennemy of capturing thoses ghostly figure.
The principal workbench of thoses events?Our Brain.
Mia must be mad on creating a dream-thinking capturing advice.

Man,I really love this paranormal-themed game!
10 OUTTA 10!

Who you gonna call?

A perfectly enjoyable game. 9/10
I wasn't entirely sure what to do at first, but once i figured out the gameplay, i was soaking up ghosts like a shop vac. the graphics were nice and fitting. I really like this game, but there are a few minor problem that keep from a perfect 10.
First, when you start at any location, you can't use the hotkeys to switch between screens, you have to use the mouse. Not a massive problem, but it can cost you valuable.
Second, a ways into the game I started randomly catching and killing ghosts that weren't there. I would switch between screens and see 'captured +20' or 'killed -40' when i hadn't even clicked the mouse. It never affected my score significantly, but it did get on my nerves a little.
With the exception of those two problems, I found nothing else wrong with the game. The upgrade system was nice, putting the ghosts you catch to use instead of utilizing some transparent currency, though it could have used a few more categories and what was there felt like it maxed out too soon. All in all, nice game. Well done.

"Nice shootin,' Tex!"

Loved the game. The graphics of the ectomorphs were well done.
It's a shame that there weren't more upgrades. It would have been nice to have a brighter night vision camera.
Other than that, great game!

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3.64 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2011
8:15 AM EDT
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