Moon Diary

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WARNING: This animation is 30 MINUTES LONG. Be prepared for this.

That said, it is my personal belief that it is worth it.

A lonely, childlike moon keeps a diary of his depression, boredom, and recurring nightmares. His daily realities seem to be based on dream logic: clouds with bovine personalities, teeth with eyes and mailmen who fly in balloons. He writes about his very few friends, an invisible person, a pack of wolves, and a boy who lives in space on a garbage pile, protecting the earth from debris. The moon mopes along his 'horrible as usual' orbit, as the invisible one suffers with his own surreal identity crisis while desperately trying to reach out to the moon. Moon Diary is 7 days through the eyes of this gentle sky rock.

Based on characters and comics by Erin Tanner with animation by Curtis Randolph and Charlie Daugherty; Moon Diary (2010) creates a world with a simple, bright surface on an enigmatic, dark and maze-like core.

If you want "pause" and "chapter select," this animation is also up on YouTube. Just search for "Moon Diary" and scroll past all the Sailor Moon garbage. :)

Music by June Madrona. Check out the bicycle records store to buy June Madrona albums, or the Moon Diary DVD, which includes bonus content! http://bicyclerecords.com/store/


Well worth it indeed

Beautifully manifested

Really abstract, I loved it. It was beautifully presented.


Fantastic! I could see this at a Film Festival!

one single man tear.

Sometimes i feel like im invisible.
Meerly a pawn in the biggest chess game in the world
But when i play music,
when i create it
people can finnaly see e for me.
Thank you soooooo much for this joy
I understood everythhing and enjoyed every second
One thing troubles me though
Why did the the moon die?
I just cant figure it out though but i understood what Invisible and Overshadow did. So if you dont mind please tell me why he died.

Amazing and thought provoking

Something that can't be put into words. But if I had to chose one it would be beautifully brilliant

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4.42 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2011
6:18 PM EDT