Idle Not

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A bad start 5 Points

Fail the first level

The doorknob hurts 5 Points

Bump into a locked door in the third level.

Beaten! 10 Points

Beat the game and read the ending

Blind 10 Points

Pick up the spray without the glasses in the fourth level

Much too hasty 10 Points

Bump into the second door of the seventh level

Addict 25 Points

Beat the whole game without closing the browser and coming back

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

7000+ views. 260+ passed the fourth level. 59 completed the game. Can you?

This is a little game that grew from a practice of using hitTest, attachMovie, and so on, to a game that, in my opinion, will not be blammed or granted the honour of T*rd of the Week. It's about somebody who has been very lazy, and you have to stop him from being lazy and escape from the hands of the Devil, which are determined to seize those whose hands are idle! With eight simple but interesting levels, I'm sure you'll be anxious to see the ending!

I beg your pardon, I was getting a bit carried away. This game isn't the best game on NG, but I put a bit of work on it. If you give this game a low score, please give the Audio Portal music a fair vote too - it's great! If you find a bug, please tell me through a private message or review. I will fix it as soon as possible. Your name will also appear in the game!

At the time of writing, five players have completed the game. Congratulations and thank you!


Interesting Concept

I like the idea of the game - it's challenging & interesting, but the quality isn't the best. Graphics needs a major improvement. A voice over of the man's thoughts / progress would help greatly too. I felt like I spent more time reading than playing. This game has potential - there just needs to be a leap of improvement.

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FlyingColours responds:

Thanks for the review! I know my drawing with Flash is awful, so I'm not working alone on the next game. I think voice might be a matter of tastes, however; I think I've seen a game on NG with lots of text. It would be perfect to have the information in both text and audio form, of course!


I forced my self to finsish it all in one play i really like it it was very fun and very enjoyable and i like the morale its a great game and i hope to see more :)

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FlyingColours responds:

Thanks a lot for finishing it all, and the postive comment and score! It's greatly appreciated. I am planning to make another game of this sort. You can read about it on my page. Congratulations for the unapproved medals!

Creepy and simple!

The scrolling marquee at the top freaks me out. I will stop being idle right..... now.

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FlyingColours responds:

Thanks for the score and uncovering the moral behind the game :) !

Not bad

Little frustrating but still a decent game

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FlyingColours responds:

You could try the walkthrough if you get frustrated! Thanks for the review and score.

ok sort of...

my only problems with this game is that
the guy doesnt seem to have legs (-1)
also it seems a bit hard (-1)
plus whats with the weird looping words that says YOU ARE BEING WATCHED on the top of the screen (-3)
but the song was alright (+1)
keep the song but please improve the gameplay, BEES32189 ;)

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FlyingColours responds:

Thank you for the detailed review! The guy doesn't have legs because he was so lazy he'd forgotten how to walk! Some parts of the game are a little tricky. You can try the walkthrough if you want! The looping words tell you not to be idle because a demon is watching you. This is the time between the timer ends, and you get the spray or the demon faints out of exhaustion. I agree that the song was great!

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Credits & Info

2.46 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2011
3:10 AM EDT
Skill - Other