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Not To Scale

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Hey guys! This is a small game I made in my spare time. The premise of the game is that you have to swap pieces in order to put a picture back together. The catch is that the pieces stretch to fill their container, which leads to general mind bogglement. Have fun!

Update: fixed a bug where the game would not advance to the win screen.

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I always love a good jigsaw or a good sliding puzzle. "Not To Scale," however, is beyond either. You've used digital aspect ration manipulation to create a new variation on puzzles. Aces on the concept and execution, randomdragoon, but I've gotta say, the "framing" -- the opening, the menus, etc. -- are downright boring.

But you'd better believe I'm going to play all the levels, and also check out your other games. Nice work!

I really love how you took something as traditional as a jigsaw puzzle and managed to use the virtual medium to innovate upon it. Great job.

The presentation is so lacking but that doesn't even matter too much. In fact, if it were visually polished, I think the resolution stretching would just look out of place. Still, a little more in the way of polish might have encouraged me to keep playing.


Fuck you. 10/10



good job.