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Tree Of Life.

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Travelling through space you encounter the Tree of Life.
Make use of direction changers, teleporters, and morph pick ups to find the solution to each level.
Each maze you finish helps revive the Tree of Life.


Found a glitch

If you put an arrow on the path, then click it again to put it back in your inventory, the arrow's gone, you can't put it back in place. Otherwise, good game.

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Good game

Slightly boring as it went on, but nice choice of music, very relaxing to play this game.

Very interesting mechanic!

There is a glitch with this game. If you get all the stars and restart the level, the exit is still open. I had to go back and beat the levels the right way. Are there only 3 bonuses?

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TargetDetected responds:

Yes, there are 3 bonus levels.
p.s. Star bug already fixed!

It's good.

But difficult to stick with. I made myself keep playing after around level 15. I'm at level 24 now and I think I'll stop. I gotta say, this was an excellent concept and it was very well executed graphically and as far as programming goes, but it's lacking a certain playability. There were two bugs I found; sometimes a green arrow will "dissapear" when you remove it and put it in the box. I had 4 green arrows, then I had 3 green arrows and 1 nothing; there was another "invisible" item I had one of and couldn't use. Another time the green arrow just went away completely. Resetting fixed both.

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20+ were fun to solve!

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3.93 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2011
5:59 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other