Pokemon PoopBrown Version

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Oh no not one of these! Well I learned alot about animation from making this flash, but I did mainly so I could vent some Pokenostolgia. I'd like to thank my voice actors, who I would highly recommend for your flashes, they even put up with the original scripting which was ten times more vulgar and reckless than the finished version. So I dulled the really reckless points thanks to some advice from Chaosdrakath, and came out with a much less racey final product, which, lets face it, is still pretty rediculous in some areas. :P I had fun making this, It took a really long time, and I am ready to venture away from sprite animation into the more traditional kind. thanks again to my very talented voice actors and actresses.


Edit: I would be eternally grateful if this was recommended for the pokemon collection, if you see it fitting enough. Thanks for all the reviews so far!

Edit2: Thanks for front page everyone!

Edit3: Monthly Voting time is here! be sure to vote for your favorite submissions from this month at the top of your account page. Feel free to put Poop Brown in the spot you think most deserving. ;)



Team Feces is doing to people and pokemon what Michel Jackson did to himself but backwards!

Not Charmander-land ;(

Just amazing , love it that u use other pieces from movies ...
Love the way Oak turned out ,
a suck sex-obessed old man ...

Just really nice ,
cant wait for the second piece (';

EASTBEAST responds:

Thanks I will try to deliver on the second one


Weirdest thing ever. I liked it though. 10/10 and 5/5

I recognize that voice anywhere

Rina-chan always appears in the good flashes,and I respect that.Anyway which is it? Period Red? or Scabbies Pink? I'm fine with either title,hope that Amy Ketchum will actually do something,and hell yeah, I watched the credits.

EASTBEAST responds:

Yeah her characters really shine. Thanks for watching, you'll know the name of it this halloween.

Oh My Ghod, Lawl!

I can't begin to tell you how awesome this Flash is in my opinion.
Let's just say i Faved this for the "Skitty" joke(s) alone!! XD

EASTBEAST responds:

Thanks for watching!

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3.89 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2011
9:49 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody

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