Pokemon PoopBrown Version

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Oh no not one of these! Well I learned a lot about animation from making this flash, but I did mainly so I could vent some Pokenostolgia. I'd like to thank my voice actors, who I would highly recommend for your flashes, they even put up with the original scripting which was ten times more vulgar and reckless than the finished version. So I dulled the really reckless points thanks to some advice from Chaosdrakath, and came out with a much less racey final product, which, lets face it, is still pretty ridiculous in some areas. :P I had fun making this, It took a really long time, and I am ready to venture away from sprite animation into the more traditional kind. thanks again to my very talented voice actors and actresses.


Edit: I would be eternally grateful if this was recommended for the pokemon collection, if you see it fitting enough. Thanks for all the reviews so far!

Edit2: Thanks for front page everyone!

Edit3: Monthly Voting time is here! be sure to vote for your favorite submissions from this month at the top of your account page. Feel free to put Poop Brown in the spot you think most deserving. ;)

Edit4: ...2020 update. With the decline of flash, I've added an mp4 version so that this animation can be enjoyed by generations to come... Scrub to the end and you can still view the bonus features. May this piece forever hold a place in your "Shitty" Childhood.


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i remember loving this movie as a kid but i cant seem to get it to play

Eastbeast responds:

Sorry about that. I think the state of flash has been in flux during google chrome dropping it in 2020. I've offered some info on how to fix it in the comment below if that helps. Let me know if it works for you. *Update- I have now added an mp4 version be sure to try that one*

This isn't starting up at all.

6/29/2021 Thank you for converting this into an MP4 with all of the bonus content at the end. Though I do wish those morons at Adobe didn't just straight up remove Flash.

Eastbeast responds:

I just noticed this. On the orange arrow, try right clicking, then left clicking off onto the orange arrow. It should work then. I'm not sure why. Firefox seems to work fine as well.

Fuckin' love this short movie. :flushed:

ok i think this is kinda tipica

yes add foul language it was awesome!!!

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Jul 18, 2011
9:49 PM EDT

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