Holy shit! Dinosaurs!

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Holy fucking shit, I love Dinosaurs.

So heres my little tribute to them. I was meant to start a flash as soon as I finished 'This girl I like', but due to Uni work piling up that never really happened, so I instead started this earlier this year and now its finally done. I guess my next step is to not.. make music videos and give actual writing a go for a change, but for now, just enjoy what was essentially made for a bit of fun.

Credit to XammyMusic over on youtube for the broadway version of the parody song 'Holy shit, its a dinosaur!'(Original piece by John williams for Jurassic Park.) and my amazing girlfriend who made the cover art. :)



That was a weird spin-off of the background music from Jurassic Park.

Nice animation

The original (by Almusic) is still the best though http://jurassicparkwtf.ytmnd.com/

holy mother fuck its an ice cream truck

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love it

it was great =] i loved it, funny and well made great job keep up the good work

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that was good and all but...

you really couldn't find the soundtrack to jurassic park? wow. what a way to ruin something that was well animated and pretty funny. i know i'm being real anal about this. but isn't the point of it like a twist on the song? i dunno, felt pretty lazy. it otherwise ruined what could have been awesome.

JoelOnToast responds:

Using parody version of the track was one of the main reasons I made the flash. I never wanted to make it serious, just comical and silly, and thats why it turned out how it did; I made the characters sing and join in with the song, which I wouldn't have been able to do with the actual soundtrack.

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Jul 18, 2011
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