The Lasersword Accident

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Working in a lasersword factory can be a very dangerous thing, especially if there is an accident.All those laserswords lying around on the floor, ready to dismember any unsuspecting worker...

..and accidents are bound to happen

"The Lasersword Accident" is a funny, quick game, reseminiscent of the old game of pick-up sticks (also known as mikado, or jackstraws in the different parts of the world), only played with laserswords, which makes significantly more dangerous (and fun) :)



I will admit the fun thing about this game is the limb dismemberment, other than that it gets boring fairly quickly, still the animation is nice and the overall gameplay is ok. It just needs a bit more...*oompfh* to it.


I had more fun making the guy lose limbs though.

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Simple, but very amusing game

The gameplay was rather simple, but with interesting results. I would describe it more of a puzzle than a 'point 'n click' adventure. But genre aside, you have an interesting and unique concept that could be expanded a bit.

One thing I did not understand was why exactly you lose a limb if you let the timer expire. It's not a big deal, but perhaps you could explain it as the action of a certain baritone-voiced manager with a very low tolerance for failure, and a fondness for black clothes, red laser swords, and choking people.

Also, as the game does seem to be inspired by Star Wars due to the whole laser sword concept, the sounds, and the font in the game, perhaps having a more SW-esque soundtrack would be nice.

Overall, an excellent and unique take on the old pick-up-sticks game; you actually make that old game interesting.

Cause I feel like it.

This game reminds me of Star Wars, and I think it's too violent for an E rated game, because the limbs get cut off if you screw up. It's OK, and my little brother might enjoy it.

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3.07 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2011
8:58 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click