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Droid Assault

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This game is open for distribution, please feel free to add it to your website.


Swarms of droids have been sent with one mission: To kill you!

It's your mission to destroy them and retrieve the scrap metal they dropto upgrade and purchase new weapons in order to stand a fighting chance.


- Easy to pick up and play, but very difficult to fully complete

- 32 Levels with 4 different backgrounds

- 18 different kinds of enemies each with their own unique abilties

- 16 unique weapons which the character can morph into

- High quality graphics

- Bombs, Speed, and Extra armor purchasable from the shop

- High level of intensitity approaching bullet-hell at later levels%uFEFF

WASD or Arrow Keys to move. Mouse to aim and shoot.

Developed By: Christopher Gregorio
Art By: Jesse Turner
Music By: Deseo
Sponsored By: Armorgames.com

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I was really happy to play this game, as it was very fun untill found out that there is no way I can swtich my weapon back ...and there is no save-game in it, so if I reload it I loose all progress.

Had this game had these two functions, I would have thrown 5 stars at it. But as it is, it is not worth redoing over and over just to find a weapon of my liking.

levels 1 - 15 = Ok, this game is probably gonna be way easy.

level 16 = FFFFFFFUCK.

gane todos los niveles

Very fun, with extremely solid and responsive shooting mechanics and very fun and fluid gameplay, all presented with a crisp and futuristic art-style and filled with well-designed simple-yet-elegant enemies.

Its only drawbacks, I feel, have to do with the upgrade system. For one, the upgrades are too simple and unimaginative, and two they're limited entirely to stats. If there were more imaginative and unique upgrades, and more importantly if they were reflected in some way in the models themselves, it would lend a lot more weight to the system as a whole. As it stands, the upgrade system just isn't very good, which is odd considering the nice selection of guns. Secondly, and this is a very simple thing, I think the scrap fades far too quickly, and that you should just tack on a few seconds to its timer.

Other than those two complaints, the game is as I said fun, fluid, fast-paced, and exceptionally pretty. Very good job.

Good God!

Is what i was saying aroun level nine. Good game overall, but there is room for improvement. May I suggest a "Droid Assault 2"?